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WWD 2024: Message from the Executive Director of the African Water and Sanitation Association

Friday, 22 March 2024
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On this significant day, 22 March 2024, the whole world celebrates World Water Day, with the theme "Water for Peace". Water, a vital resource, transcends borders and cultural differences, constituting an essential pillar for the survival of all forms of life on our planet. Unfortunately, it is often the subject of conflict and tension.

At AfWASA, through our initiatives, we work to build the capacity of stakeholders so that they become vectors of solutions to the challenges of managing and preserving water resources. We also encourage the sharing of knowledge and the establishment of partnerships between peers, to ensure the delivery of quality services to the public. We are convinced that this commitment will ensure equitable access to drinking water and promote sustainable management of this precious resource for future generations in Africa.

Happy World Water Day to everyone!