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Origin our logo

Friday, 07 April 2017
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The Logo being the graphic representation of company’s or association’s identity, UAWS wanted to give itself a new identification card in its bid to change. This new face should without any doubt enable the association to position itself at the continental and even international level.

This is the reason why a contest for the most beautiful logo was launched on Association’s initiative.

Out of the 45 candidates who started the context, 5 were short listed by the selection commission of the new Association logo.

Two characteristics were dominant in the logos chosen. These are the map of Africa and the drop of water, elements that show the origin of the Union and its major concern.

“The main idea of the logo came to me from the image of a little child with a stretched hand to collect rain-water falling in drops from a roof. This image inspired me a lot for it showed how complex it is to handle water.” Said Mr. BENGALI DABA.