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AfWA is recruiting a Programs & Membership Services Assistant

Monday, 23 January 2023
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Job title:                      Programs & Membership Services Assistant

Reports to:                 Director of Programs

Place:                            Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Period: Two (02) year contract with a trial period of three months starting March 1, 2023.



The African Water Association was established in 1980 as a professional institution and was initially called the Union of African Water Suppliers (UAWS).

In 2004, in order to take into account the sanitation utilities, as well as the regulatory companies and asset management companies that emerged from the institutional reforms of the 1990s in many African countries, and given the strong desire of these new entities to join the institution, the Union of African Water Suppliers changed its name to the African Water Association (AfWA). The African Water Association covers the entire African continent and is the only African water and sanitation organization that brings together water and sanitation sector operators and stakeholders.



To be recognized as a leader in building the capacity of water and sanitation stakeholders in Africa to support the goals of the African Water Vision 2025.



  • To undertake programs and support knowledge sharing in sustainable water management - its science, practice and policy - through professional development, networking and advocacy.

  • To support members in their efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and other short-term goals that have been set for Africa (SDGs).

  • To advocate for a balanced approach to the management of public utilities, based on commercially sound, financially self-sustaining and environmentally friendly corporate governance.

Key strategic objectives

  • To strengthen the Association's governance and management bodies

  • To build the capacity of water and sanitation operators in Africa

  • To diversify partnerships and strengthen synergies

  • To reinforce the visibility of the Association

The African Water Association (AfWA) is a continental platform that brings together drinking water production and distribution utilities, sanitation service management companies, as well as those which regulate water and sanitation sector policies in African countries. Originally, AfWA was created solely by and for these stakeholders, called "Regular Members". In 2019, about 39 years after its creation, AfWA has 115 corporate members from 45 African countries.

While the mission of AfWA's Regular Members to their customers is to provide quality products and services, they need the expertise and input of hydraulic equipment and materials from highly qualified manufacturers and consultants, who themselves need Regular Members to purchase their goods and services to develop their activities. A "win-win" exchange platform between water and sanitation operators and equipment manufacturers/sellers is thus created and both parties have understood that one cannot prosper without the other. With this, AfWA has integrated another category of members, mainly consisting of individuals or groups of individuals from all continents, operating in the industry, technology and board in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector. They are recognized as "Affiliated Members". Today, there are 80 in this category, mainly from Europe.

AfWA's main activities are related to capacity building of water utilities through seminars, master classes, workshops, technical sessions at its congresses, and grant-funded continental programs and projects. Since 2009, AfWA has been mandated by the UN to develop the concept of partnership among water operators on the African continent. This has been achieved through support to more than 25 utility partnerships under UNHABITAT, USAID Washington, AfDB/AWF grants. In parallel with the development of these partnerships, through another USAID Washington grant within FABRI - the "Further Advancing the Blue Revolution Initiative", AfWA organized a major capacity building project entitled "Reducing Water Loss in Sub-Saharan Africa" involving 21 water utilities in 19 African countries. Currently, AfWA is implementing three programs funded by USAID West Africa, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the European Union through the Horizon 2020 initiative, respectively. The total budget for these programs is approximately five (5) million USD.

For more information, please visit http://www.afwa-hq.org/index.php/en/

As part of implementing its new vision of opening the organization to a broad portfolio of members, AfWA is undertaking organizational change with a particular focus on:

  • Control of the various categories of potential and actual members,

  • Knowledge of the specific needs of members, stakeholders and supporters,

  • Follow-up of members and meeting their needs by offering various services and products.

For this purpose, AfWA is seeking to recruit a Programs & Membership Services Assistant, a position that is critical to achieving the goals set forth in a sustainable manner.

Scope of Work of the Programs & Membership Services Assistant:

Under the supervision of the Programs Director, the Programs Assistant provides operational and administrative assistance to the Programs and Membership Services teams, a variety of administrative, coordination, and logistical services to support Programs and Membership Services operations and assists the team with information management.


Detailed Tasks:


Operational and Administrative Assistance

  • Maintain confidential files for the Programs Director; and the Director of Membership Services;

  • Serve as primary focal point in the absence of team members and follow up on emergencies with appropriate internal staff and share workload with staff in other departments;

  • Acknowledge receipt of correspondence and documentation in the absence of the Programs Directors and Membership Services or team members, and draft correspondence for signature by the Program Directors or Coordinators;

  • Assist in the preparation and formatting of documents, including PowerPoint presentations for directors.

  • Assist in setting up and maintaining an effective filing system for teams and support the processing of calls for proposals, applications.... as needed;

  • Assist in the creation and maintenance of team databases and mailing lists using Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook Exchanger;

  • Support the Communication Department and the management of the AfWA databases for the monitoring of various aspects of the team's operations and the publication of relevant information related to the programs;

  • Contribute to the electronic filing of team documents;

  • Support translation, proofreading and editing of documents as needed;

  • Enter the latest information and concept notes for the project and contribute to reporting as appropriate;

  • Support the organization of regular team meetings and conference calls/videoconferences taking into account time zone differences, as well as the preparation and distribution of meeting folders, and the provision of necessary technical equipment;

  • Report/record regular team meetings and other meetings under the coordination and support of the Programs Director or Coordinators, as needed;

  • Assist the team in the consolidation and preparation of activity status reports;

  • Assist in the coordination of the reporting process by monitoring the completion of reports, scheduling interviews as needed and electronically archiving the final document;

  • Serve as a focal point with members of other Directorates and provide assistance to staff of other Directorates during partner visits to headquarters;

  • Perform other related duties as directed by team members.

Travel Management

  • Maintain and regularly update travel plans and associated budget amounts to provide an accurate overview of the travel budget, liaising with members of other Directorates for their input as a focal point;

  • Communicates with the Finance Department on logistical aspects related to travel/travel of programs staff;

  • File visa applications for the team, after contacting the appropriate embassies and preparing the required documents;

  • Format, disseminate and archive travel reports;

  • Support the reconciliation of travel expenses for all team members and submit them for authorization and payment.


Workshops and events 

  • Act as a focal point for host organization staff to coordinate logistics arrangements for workshops in other countries;

  • Act as a focal point for consultants and projects/programs partners and assist them as needed to ensure smooth operation of activities;

  • Coordinate the dissemination of documents both internally and externally, including publicity materials and reference documents at the local level; coordinate the issuance/transmission of emails as required;

  • Prepare training kits or information packages and share with participants in a timely manner; and

  • Coordinate the event registration process and serve as the focal point for participants.





Hold a BAC + 3/4 in the field of executive assistant, social sciences or any other relevant field.

Fluency in written and spoken English, and ability to work in both English and French.



  • Good bilingual executive assistant experience.

  • At least 3 years of experience in a similar position or other relevant field.

  • Good knowledge of travel management and workshop organization techniques.

  • Experience working in a similar role in a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) or international organization would be a plus.



  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English, with a good level of French;

  • Computer literate with proven skills in the use of common word processing, structure and presentation software;

  • Proficiency in database management software is an asset;

  • Excellent writing skills in French;

  • Good organizational skills.

Key competencies:

  • Demonstrate initiative and integrity;

  • Excellent interpersonal skills;

  • Analytical skills and initiative;

  • Ability to meet deadlines.

Application file

  • A letter of motivation;

  • A detailed curriculum vitae (CV) in English and/or French;

  • The names and contact details of three individuals;

  • A copy of the national identity card or passport;

  • A copy of diplomas;

  • A copy of the attestations and/or certificates of employment.


Female applications are strongly encouraged


Send your application before February 5, 2023

to the following contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specify in the subject of the email: Programs & Membership Services Assistant


Any application that is incomplete and/or does not include the subject line of the email will not be processed.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


Riviera Palmeraie, Rond-point de la Renaissance, Immeuble de la SODECI ; 2e étage – 25 BP 1174 ABIDJAN 25

Phone: (225) 27 22 49 96 11 / (225) 27 22 49 96 13 - Fax (225) 27 22 49 23 30